Robofight Wiki
Welcome to the Robofight Wiki! Robofight is a fast paced 3D FPS browser shooter IO game.

It offers unique way to play with Machines (playable characters), weapons, maps, message and voice chat, matchmaking and as well as much more.

Machines move with W-A-S-D keys. Q and E keys could used to lean sides, to control areas without exposing player body into danger. Space bar jumps. Shift key slides the machine to direction they walk. F key used to inspect weapon. Tab toggles the scoreboard. Enter enables chat messaging and T key activates voice chat.

On TDM (Team Deathmatch), each match hosts 6 players which divided as 3v3 match. Matches' end at a maximum time of 5 minutes or 50 maximum team kills kills. On DM (Deathmatch, FFA), each match hosts 6 players which all for himself. Matches' end at a maximum time of 5 minutes or 50 maximum kills.

Crystal coins are earned ends of matches and can be used to buy Machines, weapons or skins for weapons and characters.

There is currently 8 usable weapons in Robofight:

There is currently 1 playable Machine and 1 rumored to be added:

  • PODBot (Starter character that every player owns)
  • Juggernaut (Rumored, runs on walls)

There is also various market items such as skins, Skin Maker (a particular item), experience booster and such.


Don't forget to join Robofight Discord.